Sony Unveils Creators’ App to accompany Creators’ Cloud for individuals

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Weeks after announcing that it’s enabling its Creators’ Cloud platform for individual users, Sony has now made Creators’ App available for smartphones.

Sony’s Creators’ App is the companion mobile software to Sony’s cloud production platform Creators’Cloud for individual users.

It basically works as a remote extension of your Sony camera and can be used for uploading images or videos, viewing them, managing your shoot content, and accessing cloud storage.

Currently, Creators’ App offers users with any of the following Sony cameras video and image transmission to the Sony cloud through their smartphones:

  • Sony a7 IV
  • Sony ZV-1F
  • Sony a7R V
  • Sony FX3
  • Sony FX30
  • Sony a7 IV

If you own any one of these devices except the a7 IV or the ZV-1F, you’ll currently also need to update their internal software for compatibility with the Creators’ App.

In terms of features, the most important thing that Creators’ App offers you is the ability to capture their photos or videos and then transmit them to the Creators’ Cloud through your phone.

Users can do this immediately through their connected smartphone and the transfer feature even works if your Sony camera is powered down. This can help save time over first passing photos to another device like a PC.

Once photos are inside Creators’ Cloud, you can work on them with a range of other Cloud-based apps for things such as AI-powered video editing (Master Cut) or collaborative production through Ci Media Cloud.

sony creators app functionality

Sony has also created a platform called Discover, inside Creators’ Cloud, which lets users share their work with other Sony camera users and “Sony ambassadors” for input and tips.

Another aspect of the Creators’ App with select Sony cameras is that it also lets you shoot photos and videos remotely through the app on your phone. In other words, it turns your phone into a remote control device for your camera.

photo of sony camera with smartphone

This same remote control feature lets you check your camera’s battery level and media information about your photos or video. It lets you modify things like dates, times and camera names too.

It’s also worth noting that if you have a Sony account and decide to use the Creators’ Cloud platform for individuals, you’ll get access to 5GB of free storage.

This expands to 25GB of free storage if you add one of the cameras listed above to your app account.

Sony is also working on releasing further paid plans with 100GB and 500GB storage limits for Creators’ App and Creators’ Cloud users.

Users of Sony cameras who are interested in giving the Creators’ App and Creators’ Cloud for individuals a spin can find out more about both on Sony’s website here.

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