Jason Morris

Hey! I’m Jason Morris, a Filmmaker/YouTuber from Brisbane in Australia. During my twelve years as a personal trainer and gym manager, I had a strong hobby in photography using an old Nikon D90.

This grew into a very strong passion over time so upgrading to the Nikon D750 as the main camera and Nikon D7200 as my B camera was a natural progression.

A few years passed and I decided to study Film and TV at Tafe with a Diploma in Screen and Media. This propelled me into more study at Griffith University where I graduated with my Bachelor of Film and Screen Media. 

At this point, the Sony A7III was announced, and I quickly pounced at a pre-order. So began my transition into the Sony system.

The first step was building all my lenses back up with this new system. It was a revolutionary camera in 2018, and the autofocus was great for video. This really helped my content excel exponentially!

After studying and graduating, I decided to start my own production business as I had a reasonable client list and constant workflow. This was the point when the Sony A7SIII was released, and I purchased mine immediately.

My YouTube channel has grown to seventy thousand subscribers with my main focus on filmmaking/photography gear and accessories. This has led to working with many major brands such as Tilta, Sony Australia, DJI Global, Tamron, and Sirui.

Meanwhile, Instagram made a massive shift to video and reels. This is where I doubled down on content on this platform as video is my main passion. This has taken me into a new world of content and marketing with over two hundred thousand followers!

As a YouTuber and commercial filmmaker, I have a very extensive gear list.

My main camera is the Sony FX6 with a Sony FX30 as the B camera and a Sony A7IV as my C camera and photography camera. The Sony FX6 is the best camera for the work I do for the freelance side and for smaller Kickstarter/Indiegogo commercials.

Whenever I do smaller social content the Sony A7IV and the FX30 are used mainly for portability and smaller sets. The Sony A7IV has a brilliant 7k sensor that downsamples to a high-quality 4k image.

I have over fifty full-frame and aps-c lenses from various brands such as the Sony G Master lenses, Sirui full-frame anamorphic 1.6x lenses, Sirui aps-c anamorphic 1.33x lenses, Meike cinema primes, DZO Catta Zoom lens, Sony G zooms just to name a few.

My main choice of lenses is the Sony GM primes. The most used would have to be the 24mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.4. On my creative projects, I use the Sirui anamorphic lenses as I have the full set which gives me versatility and also the style and characteristics I desire.

I have abundant lighting and film set accessories as lighting and grip gear are extremely important depending on the project at hand. For my main lights, I have the Godox M600D, Nanlite 300B and the SmallRig RC350B.

These lights usually provide me will all my key lighting needs and my favourite small light is the Nanlite 60B with the projector mount and gobo set. It allows me to create light shapes on the walls to create more interest.

The microphone I mainly use for shotgun use is the Sony ECM-B1M. It connects directly to the camera’s hot shoe without the need for cords.

I have three tripods, all Sirui brand. My main tripod is the Sirui SH25 which has a nice fluid head and is great for video use. My tripod I travel with that is smaller is the Sirui ST-224 with the VH-10 fluid head.

I mainly use Pelican cases to travel around with my gear but when travelling to smaller jobs I use the PGYTech OneMo bag which fits a camera and a few lenses and accessories.

My PC is a very new addition to my arsenal. I have a triple screen set up for monitoring and multiscreen workflow. I run an Asus Proart Z790 creator wifi motherboard, an Intel 13th gen 13700K CPU, Asus Tuf gaming RTX 4080 GPU, 128GB Fury DDR5 RAM, and 4TB internal SSD RAID. This is all set up in custom Aftershock PC casing.

My on-the-road set-up is just a 2021 Macbook Pro 15″ M1 and a Viewsonic TD1655 15” portable screen.

I have heaps more gear which can be seen on my YouTube channel and Instagram page, so check it out sometime.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that have allowed me to work with Sony, Tilta, DJI and other major brands. I hope to continue to inspire and teach other filmmakers along the way with their personal journeys.

Feel free to check out some of my work on the links below.

YouTube | Website | Instagram

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