Aftershoot introduces major updates to its AI photo-editing platform

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Aftershoot, an AI-powered photo editing, rating, and selection app, is possibly one of the fastest tools available today for organizing photo workflows.

Now for early 2023, Aftershoot has spent months working on a new round of improvements to its photo editing and culling tool that users might enjoy. These have gone live as of March 7th and include several branding and feature changes.

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Introducing Aftershoot EDITS

Aftershoot has now added editing functionality to the app with EDITS, an AI-powered editing platform, which is free on a public beta for a limited time.

EDITS delivers a sharply attuned editing experience for photographers. It offers personalized editing by learning from your past modifications to photos and building a preference profile based on that. You can then deploy this to adjust many different aspects of your photos.

Key editing options include:

  • Exposure
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • White Balance
  • HSL

Many other editing features inside Aftershoot EDITS complement features of CULL, such as blink detection, blur detection, filters, and highlights.

How does culling work?

With CULL, users can count on a powerful, self-training AI that groups similar images and suggests the ones worth keeping. As you use the CULL feature more often, it also learns about your preferences and refines its photo suggestions accordingly.

CULL helps photographers detect duplicate images while filtering for the best shots in a batch, considering emotional expressiveness, context, composition, sharpness, and what the AI learns about personal preferences.

While doing all of the above, CULL in Aftershoot also learns to be increasingly context-aware, meaning it delivers culled images based on what it learns about your specific culling preferences. 

In other words, it learns how to filter for things like an intentional blur, specific composition styles, or many other distinct photographic traits that might not be entirely conventional.

The CULL feature in Aftershoot also works without internet connectivity, just like the platform as a whole. This ensures that photo editing sessions are kept conveniently local, secure, and functional wherever you work.

The pricing model for the Aftershoot platform has also improved to reflect a more streamlined approach to billing and use. Now, instead of previous monthly and annual pricing plans, users can pay a monthly fee of $14.99 billed monthly or $9.99 if billed annually.

Either pricing plan offers limit-free access to all of Aftershoot’s features. For photographers working on a budget and with numerous other monthly expenses, this makes using Aftershoot more affordable and accessible than ever before.

It is also worth noting that Aftershoot is a downloadable photo editing platform, meaning internet connectivity is strictly optional for all your photo editing and culling needs. This makes the software super helpful when doing remote work because you can cull and edit photos on the go.

Combined, CULL and EDITS create a genuinely streamlined photo editing and culling experience that can save you dozens of workflow hours per week and hundreds of hours per year.

If you’d like to try Aftershoot’s impressively intuitive AI-powered EDITS and CULL features, now is the perfect moment.

To celebrate its 3rd anniversary, Aftershoot is giving all new users 20% OFF a yearly subscription. Tap here to claim >>

New Branding

Aftershoot has updated its branding, including a new logo with a more dynamic and bold look and a new spelling format that no longer has the capital S in the middle. The brand is now just called “Aftershoot.”

The Aftershoot website has undergone a complete revamp that leaves it looking more stylish and gives it a more user-friendly structure.

The Aftershoot app also features a new look that reflects the new brand aesthetic.

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