Eric Wallace

I’m Eric Wallace, a photographer from Winston-Salem, North Carolina with a passion for vintage-style portraiture. I’m currently based out of New York working with a number of talented new artists trying to bring vintage alive!

With my music stations locked on the Rat Pack and related artists, and my television most often displaying a classic film of the golden Hollywood era, much of my inspiration comes from classic movie scenes, iconic portraits, and timeless moments of celebrated stars.

The gear in my bag has evolved over the course of my career to help capture the shots I envision.


Sony Alpha 7R II – I started my photography career in 2018 with a Sony Alpha 6000, recommended to me by my photography mentors. I upgraded to the Sony Alpha 7R II at the beginning of 2019, knowing that I wanted to focus more on detailed stills.

With its 42 megapixels and incredible dynamic range, I’ve been able to capture some fantastic photos over the years and grow as a photographer.

The Alpha 7R II has been my go-to camera ever since upgrading. I’ve developed new editing techniques over my journey and 42 megapixels allows me to revisit photos from my archives with no frustrations or limitations.

Zenza Bronica ETRS – I absolutely love shooting with my Zenza Bronica medium format film camera! From the size and weight of it in my hand to the sound of the shutter and looking at the focus screen/viewfinder this camera is loads of fun.

With much of my style being influenced by vintage portraits and film scenes, it makes sense I enjoy shooting vintage style with this camera. It took me a few attempts to get comfortable using the camera, a few empty rolls from loading incorrectly, some wasted accidental exposures, but now outside of the photos I take using my Sony mirrorless body, I’m usually most excited about what I capture from a session with the Zenza Bronica.


Sigma 135mm f/1.8 macro – this is my favorite lens in my bag, not to mention my biggest and heaviest. I’ve captured some of my favorite photos using this lens, which justified the six-hour road trip one Sunday just to buy this beautiful glass from a seller on Facebook!

The macro capability really shines when shooting beauty and products. Needless to say that I am extremely pleased with the Sigma and the sharpness of the images from this lens.

Sony 85mm f/1.4 G Master – what can I say about the 85mm G Master other than “it stays on my camera at all times.” As a portrait photographer, it’s the go-to focal length.

When I had saved up enough to pull the trigger on 85 G Master I had not one second of hesitation in the purchase. It has paid for itself four times over and with the 85mm I’m able to really bring out the features of my Alpha 7R II and utilize all 42 megapixels on the face of whatever interesting subject I’m capturing.

Sigma Art 24-70mm f/2.8 – when this lens was first announced it was one of the hardest lenses to get a hold of. Its popularity caused it to be on backorder for months. I had a bag full of quality prime lenses and a kit lens that I was using less and less. I was looking for a good mid-range zoom lens to frequent for shoots and this ticked all the boxes.

Sigma really came through with this lens, it’s sharp, fast and robust in build quality. I like how it rivals the image quality of the more expensive Sony 24-70mm GMaster lens.

Sony 35mm f/2.8 –  this was the first lens that I spent a considerable amount of money on when I was ready to upgrade from the kit lens. It will always have a place in my bag, especially with its small compact size, and its ability to produce a sharp image. I reach for this lens when I want a prime as opposed to my 24-70 zoom lens.

Not to mention that the quality of Zeiss’s glass is proven and has come through for me time and time again in some of my favorite captures.


PGYTech OneMO 25L Olivine Camo – this bag offers more than enough space for my camera and lenses and comes with a shoulder bag built into it that can be used on its own.

Hardware & Software

Apple MacBook Pro 15”

Apple iPad Pro 12.9”

Capture One Pro for all of my tethering and adjustments while I shoot and Adobe Photoshop/Affinity Photo (iPad) post-shoot.

Final Words

I’ve always been one to love all things vintage, but I didn’t find my true love and affinity for it until I picked up the camera.

I love revisiting the classics and drawing inspiration, even as far back as the renaissance I find sources of inspiration.

I named my business after the mentor of Leonardo Da Vinci, Andrea Del Verrocchio!

I’ve built a kit that I can confidently walk into any situation with and know that I am well equipped to get the shot that I envision. | @polymathicwallace

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