Zusha Goldin

Hi! My name is Zusha Goldin.

I’m a headshot, portrait and editorial photographer based in Los Angeles, California. My primary photography subjects are usually talents in the entertainment industry, such as actors, musicians, and directors.

I’ve been playing with cameras since I was seven years old, and I’ve been photographing professionally for close to six years. It all began for me when I touched my first ever Canon point-and-shoot camera, a magnetic attraction between the photographer and the artist.

You know that feeling when you meet the right person, and you just know, so too, when I touched my first camera, I just knew as it felt so right!

Main Gear Talk

The reason my camera inventory is full of Sony and Paul C Buff equipment is because of my first ever mentor, photographer Nechama Leitner.

Before we worked together, I always thought I’d be more of a Canon person, but I quickly found out that Sony was my forever brand. I started off with a Sony A6000 Crop and a 35mm f/1.8 lens because it was a compact and easy-to-use set-up; I then progressed to the Sony A7II full-frame, which served me well.

I am currently using the Sony A7III with a Sony G- Master 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. As I tend to use minimal gear, I would say that this system was rather chosen for me. I tend to think that less is more, so a perfect set-up for me.

I don’t believe that capturing great photos is all about the equipment but more about the skill and creativity of the photographer. My view on gear is that yes, have the essentials, but also perfect your craft before spending thousands and thousands on gear you may not necessarily need.


Sony A6000

Sony A7 II

Sony A7 III – this is a great compact camera ready for travel and quick portraiture. I love the focus, the semi-touch screen, the dual SD card slots, and the batteries that last much longer. The A7II was a fun camera, but the technology is now a bit outdated. 


Sony 50mm f/1.8

Sony G-Master 24-70mm f/2.8mm – a favourite lens of mine that can be used at different focal lengths while still capturing clarity. I love it, and it is so versatile.

Sony 50mm –  this is a classic lens for standard portraits, and it’s both fun to use and easily adaptable. 


I use a Paul C. Buff’s AlienBee DB800, a Paul C. Buff Einstein, and a Godox AD200 Pro. I also use the Paul C Buff triggers plus one Godox trigger.


I own about seven stands,  five Paul C. Buff stands, one Profoto stand, and one C- Stand.


I have just one bag, which is a basic Sony camera bag from B&H in New York.

Hardware & Software

I import my photos into Lightroom and retouch them in Photoshop. I don’t use any presets as I would rather edit each image individually.


I always carry an extra SD card, Kind bars, a water bottle, and a pair of gloves to open Uber car doors as I’m a germaphobe. Haha!

Final Words

Here are my five tips of advice for photographers trying to break in as professionals;

1. Create a portfolio by shooting for free in the beginning.
2. Learn and perfect your craft as much as you can.
3. Create a personal brand presence on all social media platforms and share your work and personality consistently.
4. Network LIKE CRAZY! Find ten target customers or key people you could get to know and connect with them online and in person.
5. DON’T be afraid to charge what you’re worth. As creatives, we often don’t know how to sell ourselves. We are often the first people to undervalue our work. Learn to get comfortable charging. You need to pay rent!

www.zushagoldin.com | @zushagoldin

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