Miles Witt Boyer


Hey! I’m Miles. I guess Miles Witt Boyer, if you’re in the photo industry.

I’m an Arkansas-based luxury wedding photographer, the founder of a rad photo community called the Photographic Collective, a Fujifilm Global Ambassador, and a partner alongside a few of the coolest photo brands around.

Oh ya, and I host a podcast and executive produce another, all built around helping photographers and videographers develop healthy mindsets and stronger communities.

It’s safe to say after five hundred weddings in forty-two US states and fourteen countries, I’m a bit obsessed with this whole gig, but the truth of the matter is that I genuinely feel like I’m just finding my rhythm.


Fujifilm GFX 100S – this is the smaller little brother to the GFX100 (which I also carry). This thing is 102MP of medium format gold. It has the most beautiful color science ever released and has absolutely transformed the way I shoot everything.

These Fujifilm GFX systems aren’t fast, they’re intentional. Asking artists to proactively shoot on purpose instead of to react and spray down a scene.

Between the quality of the files and the change in pace, I can say everything about my work has changed since I first picked up one of these cameras.

Fujifilm GFX50R – this is my favorite camera ever! It’s super slow, absolutely beautiful, and the 50mp medium format file is unbelievable. It was my absolute gateway into medium format digital, and I’ll never completely put it down.

Fujifilm X-T4v – my snappy little buddy. The X series cameras changed the whole industry when they came out ten years ago, and this X-T4 is by far the best. It’s fast, reactive, and packed with the color Fujifilm is so famous for. Its my go-to for quickly changing scenes like dance floors or sporting events.

Fujifilm X100V –  my ride or die. This camera never leaves my side. It has shot everything from million-dollar weddings with me to Disney vacations with my kids. It’s an entire professional camera stuffed into the tiniest little body ever.


I carry a LOT more lenses, but these are my favorites.

Fujifilm GF63mm f/2.8 –  my absolute favorite Fujifilm G series lens! It’s a 50mm full frame equivalent and just sees the world the same way as I do.

Fujifilm GF80mm f/1.7 –  the Magic lens. I don’t know how Fujifilm built this lens to feel modern and nostalgic at the same time, but the files through it are always buttery soft in transition with wonderful fall-off but tack sharp in focus.

Fujifilm GF45mm f/2.8 –  the 35mm full frame equivalent you have to carry. It’s so sharp and so quick, especially for a medium-format lens.

Fujifilm GF 110mm f/2.0 –  the portrait monster. It’s just beautiful, always sharp and perfect.

Fujifilm XF 16mm f/1.4 –  I LOVE this X series lens! It’s just great how close I can get with an X series camera and not put off “photographer” vibes, and this lens lets me get right inside the action.

Fujifilm XF 35mm f/2.0 –  this is still my favorite X series lens. So reliable and always so sharp. Not to forget, it is so cool looking, something all Fujifilm photographers know matters.


Profoto A10 – I know they are expensive, but it is just the perfect flash!

Godox AD200 – these things are such workhorses. I use them for everything from dance floor lighting to commercial strobes with large modifications, and between the power and the size, they just can’t be beaten.

FotoDiox Sky Filler – the coolest LED panel kit. They’re soft and powerful and so easy to pack down for travel.


Holdfast Gear Money Maker – I’ve been on the HF pro team for years, and the Money Maker is the original dual harness. No, seriously – Matt owns the PATENT. Isn’t that rad? I just love the style of these things. I think I have fourteen different versions and colors.

Hands down, my favorite is our new exclusive PHOTOCO edition (we’re the only brand HF has allowed for an exclusive). They come with black straps, chestnut accents, and black hardware, and it’s the perfect way to dress up a suit on a wedding day.

All of my bags are from Holdfast. I love the Roamographer for style points, the Quiver for practicality, and the Sightseer backpack for loading lots of gear. I will even carry the Roamographer Weekender when I’m traveling on the road.

SKB Cases make the only rolling case that I’ve found that has a stand-alone padded bag inside of it. That means that when the flight attendant tries to force you to put your cameras under the plane, you can pop your gear out and hand her the hard case and smile.


I carry a Manfrotto, but unless we’re shooting commercial work, I don’t even pack one.

Hardware & Software

I edit everything through Lightroom and Photoshop.

I totally love Luminar and the way they’ve integrated AI to provide seamless editing but not in a takeover kind of way.

Narrative Select and Publish are my BFF; Select helps me cull quickly, and Publish makes sure my blogs are SEO-flexed and look amazing. 

I also love Honeybook as a CRM, and Squaremuse is something I am obsessed with for site design.

All of our client work is culled through Pic-Time, and I just adore Archipelago Presets.

There is always a JBL speaker in my bag plus Audio ear pods in my pocket as music is a huge part of my creative process. I love to carry an Instax Printer to wow people a little with the tangible.

I’m a bit of a health nerd, so my Whoop Strap is like a mini supercomputer that tells me when and if I’m pushing myself too hard. There’s almost always a That’s It bar in my case, along with Advil and an energy drink, extra cologne, Altoid Mints, and hair spray.

Final Words

Imagine feeling deserted on an island surrounded by millions of other islands all around you, and your knee deep in water. You simply need to walk through the water to go meet all of the other people. That’s the photo industry these days.

If you’re feeling isolated or buried in comparison and impostor syndrome, or honestly just insecure about whether your work is any good, what you need is community.

Not the old crotchety communities filled with Creative Criticism that just makes you feel stupid and worthless but honest relationships with creatives who see you, care about you and value your perspectives.

The Photographic Collective could totally be that place for you, and it’s free to join – but even if it’s not, find someone. Stop trying to convince yourself that you’re better alone, you’re not. There’s a whole rad, playful, creative world of friends out there waiting for you to show up and have a drink with us.

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