Ovidio Gonzalez S

I am a photographer who lives in a daily life, who stops to see again and again, who searches tirelessly in the ordinary.

I like to find reflective and special moments when telling my stories, I seek to reach the deepest and most intimate in my work.

Recounting in the most sublime way the realities and social problems of various communities is a conviction for me, achieving empathy with the communities with which I work is for me the most important thing.

The key is to connect with the story, the character, and his environment, knowing and understanding who I am photographing before deciding what and how.

I currently work as a contributing photographer for the GettyImages agency, as well as a photojournalist in a government ministry. I am also a photography teacher at Platzi, the world’s largest virtual platform for higher education.

My work has been published in media outlets such as The New York Times, El País in Spain, Time magazine, Eye Shot Magazine, Fujilove magazine in Russia, and Vogue magazine in Italy, among others. My work has been exhibited in several cities like Bogotá, Medellin, Leticia, and Palmira.

I am the director of the Amazonas Documental project, a space for photographic creation and reflection developed in a community of Ticuna Indigenous people that was born in 2018 and takes place once a year.

My photographic equipment is quite peculiar and has evolved over time, it went from being very large and heavy to being very small and practical. I stopped using cumbersome elements such as large lenses and flashes to use small cameras, colored LED flashlights, and analog instant cameras like Instax.

For the past five years, I have been working with Fujifilm equipment, which provides excellent quality and is very lightweight. I like to experiment, so I only use one lens, and I explore with different analog supports, scanners, and lighting with unconventional flashlights, all to generate atmospheres and create worlds in my projects.

Fujifilm X-T3

Instax SQ6 – 1:1 square format

Fujifilm XF 23mm f/1.4

As I said earlier, I don’t carry much gear, and apart from the cameras and lens, I experiment with lighting using color-changeable LED flashlights. I will always have a notebook and pencil plus a Rode microphone when I’m out and about. The best way for me to get around with my gear is with a Hugo Boss conventional backpack. My Macbook Pro 13 is my workspace.

Photography was my hobby when I was a child. I never saw it as a profession, however by chance in my life, I had to hold the camera and take pictures to survive.

I think that the key to being a good photographer is to be a good human being first, and the second is to intensely love what you do, shooting with a lot of passion.

ovidiogonzalezs.pb.photography | @mishistoriascortas

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