Travel Photographers

Interested in travel photography? Want to find out the best camera equipment for capturing your travel adventures?

Settling on the right gear for you can take time and patience. But one shortcut to nailing your ideal kit is to find out what other travel photographers use.

Here, we’ll peek into the camera bags of incredible travel photographers from around the globe – so you can learn from their experiences and gain some gear-related tips and tricks.

It’s often said that the best camera is the one that’s in your hand. In other words, capturing the moment in all its beautiful and imperfect glory takes precedence over having the shiniest and most expensive gear.

And that’s true.

But you also have control over what camera is in your hand while you travel!

Sometimes that might only be your iPhone. But if you plan your kit right so that it’s light, portable and secure to carry around, there’s every chance you’ll have an excellent camera and lens in your grasp every time those tasty travel moments unfurl before your eyes.

So while gear is by no means everything, it can certainly help you achieve the type of results you want.

If you’re looking to shoot travel photography as a profession, having the right gear is even more important.

One system of cameras that crops up time and again in our featured photographers’ kits is the Fujifilm X Series. These mirrorless cameras are portable yet powerful, small yet rugged.

Some go for Sony mirrorless systems for the same reasons. Others are content to lug around heavier DSLR systems – especially if they lean more to landscapes or long-exposure travel shots. In those cases, the added weight of a tripod is also part and parcel to the pursuit.

As for lenses, they vary greatly from kit to kit. One of the deciding factors here is what aspect of travel photography you want to focus on.

Some travel photography overlaps with street photography – aka, it takes a more candid, documentary approach to capturing everyday moments.

Other travel photographers can’t resist the allure of the sweeping landscapes and exotic natural beauty they find in different corners of the world.

Looking at the kits of photographers whose work appeals to you can give you a better idea of which lenses suit your desired style.

Now, one thing that all travel photographers need is a way to carry their gear.

What bag or rolling case do you take when getting your gear onto an international flight? What backpack or sling bag is best for discretely carrying your camera equipment around the streets of a foreign city, away from the prying eyes of thieves?

Comfortable, secure camera carry solutions are like a holy grail search for travel photographers. Those featured here have tried and tested many, so you can learn from their experiences and narrow down which bag will be best for you.

Because if the best camera is the one you have with you, the one with you needs to stay safe and sound.

Ready to find out which gear our featured travel photographers recommend? Peek into their bags above.