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I love a good tilt-screen! Checking out the build of the Nikon Z6 in my back garden.

I'm a full-time wedding photographer originally from the UK, currently residing in a small town near Byron Bay in Australia. I've been shooting weddings professionally for close to 10 years, having traveled all over the world doing what I love.

Occasionally I'll get paid to photograph families, events and even real estate, but weddings are my bread and butter.

I'm also the founder of Shotkit, having created it back in 2014 to peek inside the bags of my favourite photographers.

When I'm not reviewing the latest camera bag or testing out editing software, you can find me on some form of leg-powered two-wheeler, be it my gravel, road or mountain bike.

... although I am thinking about getting an e-mtb too :)

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What camera gear do you need to master the art of taking stunning boudoir and glamour photos?

If you’re asking that question, you’re going to love what comes next. Because we’re about to take a peek inside the camera bags of some top boudoir and glamour photographers and learn what it takes for them to nail the shoot.

What camera bodies do they use? What lenses? And what little extras do they stash up their sleeves to expand their creativity?

If you’re thinking about entering this genre, it can first help to get a good grasp on exactly what boudoir and glamour entail.

Because, while there’s some overlap, the two are distinct.

So what’s the difference between boudoir photography and glamour photography?

On the face of it, boudoir photoshoots are those involving lingerie-clad models or nudes in a bedroom-type setting.

But there’s more to it than that. Get to the heart of what boudoir photography is, and it’s all about empowering the subject.

Boudoir images are highly personal; often the goal is not for them to be shared publicly, but to be kept by the subject or shared with someone close (like a partner).

You might say the photos are less about the viewer and more about the subject feeling confident and beautiful in their own skin.

Glamour photography tends to be more posed, more directed at a wide audience of viewers; wardrobe and styling are an important part of it as are hair and makeup.

Both glamour and boudoir photography focus on capturing the unique beauty and personality of the subject.

As you’ll discover from clicking through the featured photographers here, the gear used differs a lot based on the photographer’s style.

Some use a minimal kit of a mirrorless camera with a few prime lenses. Others have a bag filled with DSLRs and multiple zooms.

Some prefer the softness of natural light while others go for the blown-out glamour look with flashes.

You’ll also get some clues as to little props and tricks they use – like using prisms to create interesting light effects or using music to set the scene and relax the client.

Because both types of shoot often focus on “regular” people as subjects (i.e., not professional models) they come with a unique set of challenges. And these challenges go well beyond the technical aspect.

Like, how do connect with the client and make them comfortable in front of the camera?

This is especially true in the boudoir sub-genre. You might be dealing with someone who isn’t used to being in front of a camera… let alone used to being naked in front of one!

So it’s not just your camera gear that you need to consider as you approach this area of photography. You need to be able to connect with people, or at least willing to learn how.

And you need to understand the deeper motivations of clients and be genuinely interested in helping them foster a positive attitude towards themselves and their bodies.

That, plus the right gear, and you’ll be well on your way to a flourishing glamour and boudoir photography career.