Boudoir Poses, Ideas & Tips to Help You Look Amazing 

Written By

Mark Condon

Here are 7 boudoir poses recommended by pro photographers and models that will help you look and feel amazing.

Boudoir Pose #1 Lying on back with face to the side

Lie on your back, but rather than looking directly at the camera, turn your head to the side. Position your legs slightly in the opposite direction to your face to create a nice S-curve which will flatter your body.

Credit: Ferdinand Studio

Boudoir Pose #2 Sitting on stairs with head resting on hand

Ask your photographer to shoot from the top of the stairs looking down while you look back up at the camera seductively. The distance of your legs from the camera will help make them look longer and leaner.

Credit: Igor Menezes

Boudoir Pose #3 Bending forwards while sitting with legs crossed

This is a more advanced boudoir photography pose but can look incredible when done right. It'll also help you hide your modesty. Lean forward, then bend one leg up and fold the other leg under your body.

Credit: Studio Dee

Boudoir Pose #4 Sitting with torso obscured

You don't have to go nude for this pose - lingerie looks great too. Make sure the knee isn't pointed directly at the camera for the most flattering results.

Credit: Jerry Gorecki

Boudoir Pose #5 Simple kneeling pose

You don't always need your boudoir poses to be exaggerated or powerful to be effective - simple poses like this work as well. Looking away from the camera will help put you at ease.

Credit: Timofey Urov

Boudoir Pose #6 Sitting and looking over shoulder

This is a great boudoir pose for accentuating your back or bottom. Looking back over your shoulder can be seductive and alluring.

Credit: Cucu Marius Daniel

Boudoir Pose #7 Sitting on stool leaning forwards

You don't need sexy furniture to create a sexy boudoir shoot - a simple stool is fine. Leaning forwards accentuates your shoulders and chest.

Credit: Cucu Marius Daniel

Boudoir poses don't need to be complicated to look amazing - keep it simple!

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