What are the Best Alternatives to Adobe Lightroom ?

Written By

Mark Condon


Lightroom is an amazing photo editing software...

...but it's also expensive! (You have to pay every month to use it.)

Luckily, there are lots of good alternatives to Lightroom!

We tested over 50 different photo editing software apps to find which ones could replace Lightroom...

A true Lightroom replacement needs to be fast, affordable, easy to use and have lots of great features.

These are the ones we picked...

An easy-to-use but incredibly powerful image editor that's powered by artificial intelligence to help make your photos look better in just one click.

#1 Luminar Neo

A layer-based photo editor with great presets and lots of support for cameras and lenses.

#2 ON1 Photo RAW

Unique image management and editing tool which unites all your photos on multiple devices for ease of access and sharing.

#3 Mylio Photos

Great for advanced RAW editing tasks with excellent noise reduction and lens correction tools. 

#4 DxO PhotoLab

For professional photographers who want the best RAW processing capabilities and colour adjustment tools.

#5 Capture One

Completely free and open-source photo editing software with a user-friendly interface and passionate community.

#6 Darktable

Easy and fun-to-use app with built-in social media templates, a collage builder and a range of simple photo editing tools. 

#7 Photoshop Express

Free iOS and Android app with powerful image editing features and simple to use interface. 

#8 Snapseed

Photo editing app that combines the tools of Lightroom with the graphics manipulation capabilities of Photoshop.

#9 Affinity Photo